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Kalamata Olives

Kalamata Olives


Kalamata olives are a great variety of table olives. They are most well known worldwide and are established as a basic food to Greek and foreign markets. The name comes from Kalamata a town in the heart of Μessinian Βay, the capital of Messinia, formerly called Kalamai.

The fruit of the olive Kalamata is black to dark purple. It has a slightly bitter taste and the flesh is crispy. The harvest begins from November till Christmas, that is when the fruit is mature, it is collected exclusively by hand to protect the delicate flesh. The producers know very well how to take care of the olive tree it’s a tradition passed on from generation to generation. There’s some tips about the way they collect and choose for the production of high quality of olives Kalamata. The bitterness is one of the next main step, which takes around two to three months.

The distinct flavor and nutrients, which makes them unique in the world. It's the best variety for table olives and key component of the Mediterranean Diet.

Our commitment is the high quality of our products.

More Information About Us

The DAMOURA Bros Company has set as its main purpose to provide the best possible quality to its customers and thus to meet their needs, which are constantly developing and changing.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Kalamata Olives and the Olive Spread consist of our main products, which are put in a proper packaging according to each customer’s requirements.