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In Messinia also called blessed land!

Trikorfo is a hilly village, the master of the production of the olives and olive oil. Located at an altitude of 400 meters with gross territory, rocky and fertile. The excellent weather conditions prevailing in the region, mild winters and long sunny summer conducive to the maximum extent the production of olives and olive oil.

The producers of the region know these two species and the production very well, because of the experience of their ancestors carried forward from generation to generation. The production of olives and olive oil in this region lies in the depths of time and knowledge comes with experience on the excellent results of product quality. Trikorfo produces almost half the quantity of Κalamata olives in Messinia.

The production of Κalamata olives and olive oil is the main income for inhabitants of the region and therefore the groves gradually expanded over the years. The women of the village, always keep the amount needed for the home and they make various local dishes from Κalamata olives and olive oil.

Trikorfo is now synonymous with Κalamata olives!

Our commitment is the high quality of our products.

More Information About Us

The DAMOURA Bros Company has set as its main purpose to provide the best possible quality to its customers and thus to meet their needs, which are constantly developing and changing.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Kalamata Olives and the Olive Spread consist of our main products, which are put in a proper packaging according to each customer’s requirements.